Search Engine Optimization - Is "Quality Content" Over Rated?

Search Engine Optimization - Is "Quality Content" Over Rated?

Search engine Marketing (SEO) is the process of making a webpage visible to search engines with respect to the 'key words' or sought words which are input into the searching application of an internet search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Msn. This is really a form of internet marketing that's to do with placement. Ecommerce sites which supply retail merchandises or services online conduct SEO in order to have their links seem to browsers amongst the primary results on search results pages (ideally being the primary result on the initial page against a set of search words that describe their business).

An example would be; for a consumer electronics retailer on the net who sells portable music players. This type of retailer would generally identify key searched words (keywords) associating to the portable-music-player-retail company (these likely being 'mp3 player', 'iPod', 'walkman', 'mp3' etc).

Black Hat SEO

Keyword stuffing (in white text):

Server scripts: Some scripts on WebPages use malicious code to confuse search engines and appear irrespective of content or propose amongst search results against any key word. For those who have almost any concerns regarding in which in addition to tips on how to work with learn more, it is possible to call us from our site. This really is now a rarity as search engines are consistently developing better and stronger algos to prevent this kind of scripting.

Abnormal Link buying: Some new websites purchase an extremely large number of links from some other websites in order to appear related to search engines like google. While SEO is a long term process and sites need to boost in popularity naturally so that you can better their internet search engine position (page rank), this is a shortcut to that end, and is considered unethical and is frowned upon by both search engines and bloggers/webmasters.

White Hat SEO

This really is ethical SEO. It is enabled by search engines and is a really robust foundation for the improvement of a pages search result rank (or page ranking). This type of SEO is both conducted off-page and on-page.

Off-Page SEO:

Articles entry service: Quality articles with informative content are submitted on various newsgroups on behalf of a website.

Press Release submission:

Web Directory entry: The web site URL and Name plus a brief description are submitted on directory websites and business portal sites.

Blogging: Bloggers are used to submit information and important opinions on popular blogs and social media/ networking sites related to the websites company area.

The types of links used with blogging are applicable Do-Follow and hyperlinked key words and therefore are essential to boost page rank, especially for Google search results.

ON-Page SEO:

Posts, press releases along with quality content: This leads to the total popularity of the webpage.

Meta-tags: The description area in the meta tags (written in the HTML code of the page) is one amongst a lot of matters that search engines consider. The description area is correctly defined and written in relevance to some WebPage's exact content and proposes. This helps search engines identify the webpage as a actual result.

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